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ryan stevenson photographing on a windmill © Don B. Stevenson

Ryan on an energy photo shoot.

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One in a series of Stevenson Photography's new advertising campaign.


What They're Saying


“Once again, you’ve made your camera a brush painting a canvas... not just a machine capturing data. Thanks for yet another wonderful job.” 

- Florence Rothwell, CMI EPTI, Erie, Pa. - international builders of power generating plants.

Golf photography shot on location in Mexico by Ryan is being used in the beginning of a vitamins TV commercial spoofing Tiger Woods. Check it out...

One of our favorite talent we work with while in Arizona is Shari Wiedmann. We worked with her on a two day shoot for a national eyewear company. What a great person and talent! Shari co-stars as a wife in a music video which won a GMA Dove Award, AND the video has far exceeded one million views on YouTube.

This Tangled Web: Photo Stories From The Road

Unwinding the circumstances which brought international business photographer Don Stevenson to a factory on the outskirts of Chihuahua, Mexico is fascinating. Here are Don's field notes:

A marketing assistant for a large international tool builder had been assigned to find an international annual report photographer to meet with her boss in Mexico for a commercial photography shoot they were planning.

As do many of our clients, this person found us through the internet using specific keywords in her search. Our commercial photography American agriculture photographer, international agribusinesscompany was listed on the first search page for Corporate Photographer. We spoke, then arranged the flight, and she gave me the name of her boss who I would meet in Mexico. His name sounded familiar but it was quite a common name, nonetheless.

As you might have guessed, the stranger I met with in Chihuahua was a guy from my old Iowa high school and - get this - a cousin of the woman I married. I hadn't seen him in 20+ years. It truly was a surprise to us both. Life's twists are often remarkable. For these corporate and annual report photographers based in Arizona, it's all about creating the image. But sometimes what happens behind the camera between client and photographer just clicks!

That's just one of the reasons we love this business.


Tips For Hiring Your Next Professional Photographer

A Photographer's View On Economy

For the last eight years the bruised and battered American & European economies have affected most American corporate photographers along with just about every other segment of business.

Yet, over the past few years, we saw many areas of the U.S. economy gaining strength. And we've been exceptionally busy throughout the year. It's a good sign American business is truly turning around.

This past year's numbers reveal our national and international business photography client base is 60 percent of our assignment work. The other 40 percent of our work is throughout our home-base of Arizona in America's great Southwest.

We take great pride in our uninterrupted service to our national and international clients since 1985. We had planned for the economic recession. And unlike many photographers, we remain here to serve.

We certainly know there are other fine photographers out there for you to research. Many are good friends. But we haven't succeeded for over 40 years without doing something right. Let us do something right for you.

Call or shoot us an e-mail when you're ready. We'd love to discuss your next photo project!